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DeFiChain Jellyfish Club NFT collection

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

100 unique Jellyfish NFTs were generated for the DeFiChain community that earn the owner of the NFT high weekly $DFI cashflow.

The cashflow gets generated on DeFiChain through loans -> stock token liquidity mining.

Currently the APR is still very high for this financial product, that’s why the Jellyfish Club collection earns also super high weekly $DFI cashflow.

All the rewards earned in the liquidity mining pools get payed out to the NFT owners.

You can either get a Jellyfish for 0.07 ETH currently on OpenSea or buy it directly from me with DFI (50 DFI), either way you would need to contact me to share me your DeFiChain address where the weekly rewards should be payed out later on.

The rewards get payed out once a week, every sunday. (0.7 DFI atm)

The rewards will be payed out 10+ years.

If you sell the NFT you will lose the cashflow and the new owner will receive the weekly cashflow onwards.

Link to the Jellyfish Club collection on OpenSea:

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