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Collection delisting on opensea

Updated: Apr 27, 2022

I am very sorry to announce that our #NFT collections @DeFiChain

Jellyfish + Jellyfish Club was delisted by @opensea due to violating their Terms of Service section 6:

User conduct:

Use the Service to create, sell, or buy NFTs or other items that give owners rights to participate in an ICO or any securities offering, or that are redeemable for securities, commodities, or other financial instruments.

This is because the $DFI token was involved.

<opensea email>

What does this mean for our collections now?

- these 2 #NFT collections will most likely be permanently delisted by opensea

- this affects buying and selling of #NFTs in these collections

- $DFI funds are safe and will be continuously paid out to rightful #NFT owners

- further #NFT purchases with $DFI will be disabled for now - until we have our own #NFT marketplace on @defichain and #NFTs can be created and be bought there with $DFI

- each cashflow #NFT collection (3) will be re-minted on @defichain

once it will be enabled (~Q3-Q4) to ensure more safety and to not rely further on untrustworthy and semi-decentralized platforms like @opensea

! If any questions come up on your part - feel free to always dm me and let me know !

Both delisted collections can be viewed on showtime:

it also shows the rightful owners of each #NFT


Jellyfish Club:

- DeFiChainNFTs

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